Theo Isaac Carruthers

Theo Isaac Carruthers

About Me:
I would describe myself as a very honest person who cares about the people close to me. I am happy to be part of a close-knit, large extended family.

I am also someone who enjoys my own company and am confident in myself enough to be able to choose when I want to be sociable. I enjoy large family events such as weddings and ‘big’ birthdays and love the opportunity to wear smart outfits that reflect my personal taste.

I am the youngest of the cousins in my generation of the family, in fact, I am the only teenager left! I sometimes wish I was older and able to go out with them!

My personality is very calm quiet, and thoughtful. I have been told that I have a mature outlook on life. I am conscious that I need to work hard to be able to create the life I want to live, and that I am capable of achieving whatever I want with this outlook.

I have a strong sense of morals and justice. I am very focused and resilient in anything that I put my mind to.

Interested In:
– National League Basketball Player
– Music Enthusiast: Rap, R’n’B, and Hip-Hop
– Social Media Basketball Content Creator
– Gamer: Online and with Friends
– Education-Focused Individual