Reuben Samuel Carruthers

Reuben Samuel Carruthers

About Me:
I would describe myself as a sensitive person who cares about the people around me. Family is very important to me. I love being part of a large extended family who like to spend time together to celebrate birthdays and holidays. I love large family events such as weddings and ‘big’ birthdays and being able to dress up in smart clothes.

I have strong bonds, particularly with my parents, my nan, my brothers and my cousins of a similar age to me. I value their opinions and perspectives on life. I am very loyal and have a strong moral code. Fairness and justice are very important to me.

I also hold my friendships in high esteem. I have maintained friendships throughout my life and still have strong bonds with friends made in primary school. I would say that I consider my closest friends more like extended family and also value their opinions and perspectives.

My outlook on life is a positive one, I see the good in people and it is important to me that I am loved and respected. I am a very sociable person who is able to talk to anyone and get on with anyone, from all walks of life.

I am a hard worker who is willing to do what it takes to create the life I want and I am confident that I can achieve whatever I put my mind and hard work into.

Health and fitness is also very important to me.

Interested In:
– Free Running – Training and Coaching
– Music – Self-taught piano and guitar, eclectic taste, vinyl enthusiast
– Walking
– Watching films
– Spending time with friends
– Spending time with family
– Travel/Family holidays
– Going to the gym
– Fitness and Health
– Social media – Co-hosting business TikTok account, sharing personal training on Instagram