Mariam Haling

Mariam Haling
About Me:
I have just turned 34 but never felt younger! Most likely because I didn’t get married or have kids yet but will enjoy those things later in life!
I have 2 degrees and a master I am an optician, so I like to think I can take directions well, especially after having my first shoot experience with a new idol model with positive feedback. However now that I’m done with all that studying, I just wish to be free to be me, to explore this new field, take back control of my life and do the things I love to do. I love clothes and make-up but I always had to go to school. I just want this to be a new healthy and happy experience in life for me things I would have done 10 years ago but could not, and enjoy my day whilst I’m working! I take a million selfies a day i enjoy it! I enjoy the camera! Looking forward to this new chapter!
The thing that makes me nervous is that I’m new and haven’t much experience but I’m a fast learner so I know I will catch on.
The other thing that makes me nervous is that I have a Middle Eastern nose and if the hair and makeup aren’t done right to suit my face ( eg ” a more rounded face – look”  and a middle parting over a side parting suits me more for the pictures to come out the best whilst it’s my face. I will never direct a director or make-up artist in order to not offend anyone, but I’m hoping to work with people who understand my sharp features for maximum promotion from the pictures! I was writing this 200 words and I thought, let me just write what’s running in my mind now and keep it relevant!
Interested In:
– Nothing Nude.
– Makeup/Hair
– Modelling clothes (like H&M Primark top shop etc high end would be great)
– Billboards posters adverts etc
– Casting as an extra in TV and films (I live 10 mins from Borehamwood and Elstree film studios and the Eastenders set is down the road)