Alexander Hepher

Alexander Hepher

About Me:
I’m originally from South Africa – and moved to the UK 2 years ago. My parents moved to South Africa when they were young to escape the weather, but it seems like I’ve gone full circle come back to my roots.

In terms of work – for the past couple years I’ve worked in data science consulting – Usually in banking and insurance – helping companies make better use of their data!

I studied a degree in Math and Data Science – so I like to code and am pretty numerically based 🙂

I live in Wimbledon, and I enjoy running quite frequently, playing/watching online chess, and have recently been getting back into playing squash.

My new years resolutions for 2024 are 4 fold – 1 – to buy a place in London, 2 – to find a girlfriend, 3 – to travel to 3 or 4 places during the year. (Currently planning a trip to Venice) and 4 – to get a pet (Either a cat or a dog, but I think given the travel idea, it’s better to get a cat)

I’m a fun and laid back kind of guy – enjoy to have a chat about different ideas. Specifically enjoying space documentaries at the moment.

Interested In:
– Commercial Modeling
– Catalogue Modeling
– Editorial Modeling
– Fitness Modeling
– TV Commercials
– Film Extra