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Model Audition Tips

For any form of employment, you must interview before being hired. For models, this means casting calls. These formal interviews allow art directors, fashion designers and photographers to see a variety of candidates to find the one who works for their fashion campaigns. If you are headed to a casting call, it is imperative that you plan in advance and make a memorable impression.

Makeup and Dress

Models are meant to be blank canvases. Therefore, they want to see the real you. Ensure your makeup has a natural look. Use lighter colours, such as purple, mauve or light brown. Avoid heavy, dark eye makeup. While some agencies do not mind a fully made-up face, others prefer concealer, lip gloss and mascara only. Clothes should be simple. Do not wear overly flashy outfits and keep clothes items tight fitting so that designers can see your body’s natural shape. Wearing jeans and a plain t-shirt is often the best, most natural look for an audition. Cover any tattoos and remove piercings.

Know the Client

Each client has different needs. A fashion designer may be looking for a model for a new couture line, while a photographer may be looking for a model to do action scenes. Before heading to the audition, understand the style of the shoot, where the shoot takes place, the role you play in the shoot and what audience the client is trying to reach.

Research the Industry

If you are just starting out in the industry, you must familiarize yourself with it. Research the types of clients out there, what photographers do and the different roles in the fashion industry. Understand what fashion styles are “in” today, what photographers work for what designers, and a few names for current designers frequenting fashion shows. Having knowledge of the European and Asian markets can also be helpful if you are auditioning for an international modelling agency.

Be Prompt

Modelling and the jobs that come with it cost time and money. Clients want to see that you are prompt and can arrive at appointments -– especially photo shoots -– on time. Therefore, arrive 15 minutes early to your audition and wait patiently. By being punctual, you put forth the image of professionalism that most clients will be looking for.

Make an Impression

A client could see anywhere from just a few to over a few dozen models during a single audition. Therefore, you must leave a lasting impression that makes the client remember you. Confidence goes a long way in an audition. It shows the client that you are secure with yourself and have a healthy self-image. Confidence, however, does not mean being cocky.

Bring Your Portfolio

A model’s portfolio showcases past work and her range of modelling abilities. You should have a portfolio consisting of 10 to 25 photographs. Select from a variety of different looks, angles and fashion styles to show the most variety you can to the client. Having a mixture of fashion, editorial, commercial and casual looks is recommended. A few headshots are also important to show the client your ability to work as a beauty model.