Tips For Aspiring Male Models

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Tips For Aspiring Male Models

Modelling is waiting for you to break the mold. No one said modelling would be easy, there is so much pressure from agencies telling you to look a certain way be a certain height. Modelling happens in the strangest of ways. Not everyone can be a model, but everyone has the right too. Today, modelling is a huge part of a culture. From the shoes you wear to the fresh pair of jeans you put on, modelling has been extremely influential in day-to-day life. There are different types of modelling, from runway to editorial, to commercial. Here are five important tips for aspiring male models to go from average Joe to a male model in no time.

Be memorable and confident

Modelling is a diverse culture and the best way to stand out is to own your look and find models with similar attributes. When a photographer books for a photo shoot their first impression is appearance. For instance, if you have facial hair, long hair or a unique bone structure pose in a way that defines you. Always highlight your features with a strong pose. When looking through your portfolio with your feature that’s what will make you memorable. First impressions are everything, so stay confident, be poised and always stay true to yourself.

Prepare and be ready

You have to be prepared for your photo shoot day. Make sure your travel bag is packed the night before with all the necessary items you and the photographer talked about. Always double-check the week of the shoot for the correct address and the time of the shoot. It’s always best to do this ahead of time; it shows you being professional and responsible. Bring more than requested. If you have items that are unique or different, odds are those will be the highlight of the shoot. Confirm you are still attending the shoot. Not only are you giving your time, the photographer is as well. Arrive early to the shoot; never underestimate traffic or being in an area that’s unfamiliar. Lastly get an adequate amount of sleep. This will help you be refreshed, focused and energized for your photo shoot.

Get inspired

Educating yourself and staying current on modelling is the most important tip you can follow. To get a jump-start before your shoot, head to your local bookstore and browse the magazine section. Men’s fashion has increased so much over the years that they have a whole section of magazines dedicated to it. Another great resource is blogs/social media. There are so many photos to help influence you.