Tony Clarke

Tony Clarke

About Me:
I’m Tony Clarke, and over the past 5 years, I’ve ventured into the exciting world of agency work, making a mark in the realms of adverts, music videos, and modeling. Confident and adept, I’ve found my stride in front of the camera, bringing charisma and a unique energy to every project.

In the dynamic landscape of advertising, I’ve lent my presence to various campaigns, injecting life into products and ideas. Whether it’s the vibrant world of music videos or the still frames of a photo shoot, I’ve embraced the challenge of embodying different roles with enthusiasm and style.

My journey in modeling has been a fascinating exploration of self-expression. From the runway to the set, I’ve discovered the art of storytelling through visual mediums. Each project has been an opportunity to showcase not just my looks but also my ability to convey emotions and narratives.

With a background in adverts, music videos, and modeling, I’m ready to bring my experience, versatility, and confidence to your next creative endeavor. Let’s collaborate and bring ideas to life in a way that only someone passionate about their craft can. I’m Tony Clarke, and I’m here to make a statement, one project at a time.

Interested In:
– Fishing
– Cycling
– wind surfing
– Music
– Travelling