Ellie Mary Margo Fairbank

Ellie Mary Margo Fairbank
About Me:
I am delighted to explain my story to you. My full name is Ellie Mary Margo Fairbank. I am a reliable, self-motivated and hard-working person. I am able to work well under pressure and adhere to strict deadlines. I have mature standards and never let my or anyone else’s guard down. If I am asked to do something I will make sure it is done 100%. If it isn’t, then I do it again and succeed. I am very passionate about being a model and I will make this my career. I am a strong independent person who doesn’t give up on what I want to achieve in life. Modelling is my one and only dream job. I know I am going to succeed in my modelling career as I am very confident in myself and I know how to keep steady in challenging situations.
I have a “can do” attitude I have come this far and will make it my career.
Interested In:
– Fashion
– Catwalk Runway
– Catalogue
– Adverts