Shalini Norris

Shalini Norris

About Me:
Hi, I’m Shalini (rhymes with Bellini!) I am a unique mix of Indian and English parentage with olive skin, hazel eyes and very dark hair.

I am an avid gym-goer, particularly Crossfit and strength training, which I have done consistently for over a decade. I am very athletic in shape with lots of energy.

I married very young and am now in a completely new chapter of my life bringing to it experience, authenticity and a passion for challenge.

I have a very rewarding job which, luckily, does afford me a lot of flexibility to pursue other interests. I am reliable, a quick learner and take instruction well. I have achieved success in my career as I am very professional, respectful and motivated.

I am confident and chatty, definitely better in person. I adore meeting new people and building connections. If I can leave a person in a better mood after striking up a conversation, then I am happy with that.

I can be both reserved and extroverted and believe my maturity ensures I demonstrate my various characteristics and values in a way that benefits, and is appropriate, in any situation.

I’d love the opportunity to travel more and embrace new experiences…you only live once!

Interested In:
– Sports modelling
– Commercial photoshoots
– Corporate events
– Exhibitions/trade shows
– Mature modelling – diversity & inclusion