Sergey Zakharov

Sergey Zakharov

About Me:

I have been living in London since 2008, but my roots trace back to Russia , where I was born and raised.

Professionally, I am a computer programmer in the banking industry, specializing in creating high-performance servers for portfolio risk calculations.

In my spare time, I engage in a variety of activities including sports, travel, reading, and motorcycle riding. Sports have been a constant in my life since school days when I won a medal in boxing at the Moscow regional competition. While at university I focused on weightlifting and bodybuilding. However, my current interests lean towards endurance sports such as cycling, running, cross-country skiing, and swimming. In fact, I’ve completed two marathons and a few cross-country skiing and roller skiing marathons. My dedication to fitness has resulted in a well-developed physique for my age.

Open-mindedness, adaptability, and a fast-learning mindset define me. These qualities drive me to seek new opportunities and explore uncharted territories. Recently, this curiosity led me to venture into the modeling business, even in my late 40s.

Interested In:
– Advertising & Promotional
– All forms of modeling
– Commercials
– Extras