Elham Yadollahifarsi

Elham Yadollahifarsi

About Me:
I’ve spent six years working on different types of projects that mix research and engineering, both in Germany and the UK. But my real passion has always been in art, especially modeling and acting. Even as a kid, I loved watching movies and pretending to be different characters.

Modeling and acting let me explore my creativity by taking on different roles and situations. I love how this industry encourages personal growth and learning, which fits perfectly with my love for picking up new skills and knowledge.

Now, I have the chance to follow my passion in this exciting and challenging world. I’m planning to take acting classes to dive even deeper into it. In my free time, I enjoy watching movies, listening to music, going swimming and attending body conditioning classes, hanging out with friends, and learning new things like reading finance books and improving my programming skills.

While my job keeps me busy during the week, I’m determined to make time for acting and modeling opportunities. Whether it means using my weekends for projects or arranging to take time off during the week, I’m eager to jump into this field whenever I can.

Interested In:
– Type of job: Modeling, Acting, Presenting
– Availability: Weekends, Weekdays with advance notice to allow taking a day off from my full-time job
– Location: Flexible, Open to travel