Jenson Taye Smith

Jenson Taye Smith
About Me:
My name is Jenson Taye Smith and I hold a deep and powerful pride in my roots. With my mother’s family originating in Jamaica, I have had self-confidence, drive, and strength, as well as love and kindness instilled within me. I am a very empathetic person who seeks out happiness and goes the extra mile to see and make others smile. Always giving and always laughing. I have a past in sports, ranging from Basketball to table tennis, to track. However, my initial love was Architecture, having a sharp eye for beauty within the art of expression. I went to University to study this but quickly found that it wasn’t for me. So I geared my life in the right direction and took control, now aspiring to be an actor as well as a voice actor. I have a mellow approach to life, rarely allowing myself to become stressed and lose myself. A full mind makes us deviate from what is important and clouds our vision. I spend a lot of time watching and reading anime/manga as they are packed dense with philosophical teachings that I carry in my everyday life. Actively combining these things allows me to walk through life with a positive outlook. I actively try my best to leave the same positive mark on the people I meet.
Interested In:
– Anime
– Manga
– Learning
– Sport
– Meaningful Conversation
– Acting
– Voice Acting
– Philosophy
– Psychology