Grace Rose Nettey

Grace Rose Nettey

About Me:
Hi, my name is Grace,

I am a model, saxophonist, songwriter, composer and producer.

I am registered with boom models as well as choice model management and a few other modelling agencies.

Some of the professional work I have done in the past includes promoting events & hand modelling to showcase nail art to promote local business services locally, but I have also worked in partnership with L’Oreal on L’Oreal product releases between 2022-2023.

I have worked with several global multi national corporations in Audio visual communications and broadcast since 2013 being part of production teams working for companies like HSBC in partnership with world TV, Reuters (number one for News and media globally), in events and production for Ubs bank on AV production teams in partnership with Avmi/pro AV, across a number of corporate events for clients like JP Morgan, and being the leader in A/V for Tottenham Hotspur football club HQ, as well as via NHS communications with Work branching into performing arts for schools via charitable arts organisations and more!

I function as an ambassador, engaging communities to include women in tech, the BAME community, STEM and youth groups and across neurodiverse organisations to reduce bias by simple friendly convo to advance business, whether social, political, economic or cultural into what it can be tomorrow

Evidencing impact has been possible by individual contribution & collaboration to realise related outcomes.

I have been a representative of women but also of black women in tech since 2007, and through Interdisciplinary & cross sec collaboration supported DE&I, neurodiversity, equity & ethics, governance, L&D, and more impacting standards, laws, education & business models globally.

As somebody with strong business acumen and as a specialised creative collaborator, I take direction well particularly from film directors and photographers to convey the messages they seek to communicate emotionally, artistically or in principle.

I would be thrilled to work in partnership with you, your promotional events, teams and clients to realise the ambitions goals and aims you have along with associated impact necessary for successful campaigns.

Interested In:
– Modelling