Aditi Jayeshbhai Patel

Aditi Jayeshbhai Patel
About me:
I’m very very new in this field. I was wondering if they can I able to do this or not so I want for modelling photo shoots You see where I’m at STEP 4.
I’m a very simple person, a family person, vegetarian also I come from Indian Hindu Culture. I respect my culture and follow them. Without my family’s permission, I wouldn’t have been able to come into this industry but I’m such blessed that they allowed me and have trusted in me.
My hair drives me in this industry as I’m having very long and good quality hair People advise me you go for modeling.
I’m looking for beauty and hair modelling, if you suggest clothes and more then I Love to try but in clothes wise I’ll not do it if there is more body showing which means I’ll not disrespect my culture and family.
I don’t understand where I stand in this industry so I need your guidance and support.
For hair modelling, I love to do my natural hair. If any product or brand has items for straight smooth long hair then will be good.
Also, I have a problem with the flat foot so I’m not a heels person I can’t walk in heels. So please keep in mind this for me. Thank you.
Interested In:
– Modelling