Wanessa Minas

Wanessa Minas

About Me:
My story begins in the South of Poland, where I was born and raised until 18 years old, it was at this prominent stage that my journey took a transformative turn as my family and I relocated to UK. I have always had a passion for Art. The seeds of creativity and a flair for visual expression were sown early on which consistently developed in time, my drive to express and share with others what was within me.

To this day, I have remained committed to creating art despite the responsibilities associated with growth. I have remained resolute in my refusal to confine myself within the boundaries of a singular identity as an artist due to my insatiable curiosity to explore new things in an effort to unveil the possibilities within me that I didn’t know existed. I have a firm belief that life is art and I wish to continue creating and exploring.

The source of my core inspiration is people, the intricate facets and profound complexity of our being is my biggest intrigue.

Modelling has become a perfect platform to embrace the human nature that captivates me. I believe there is a unique beauty in every flaw, an authenticity that reflects the raw, unfiltered essence of our being.

My mission is clear; to create a form of art that will resonate and connect with others who share the same journey through the human experience.

Interested In:
– Commercial
– Catalogue
– Fashion / Editorial
– Fitness Modeling
– Petite
– Swimsuit / Lingerie
– Fitting Model
– Glamour
– Promotional work
– Social Media Influencer
– TV Commercials