Timothy Paul Richards

Timothy Paul Richards

About Me:
I am a fun loving, young at heart 66 year old male. I try to always live life to the full, and do not like to be sat around doing nothing. I always remain positive no matter what may occur and have a can-do attitude. I am blessed with a great sense of humour!

I consider myself to be of a passionate nature if I have an idea or a project that I believe in and will give my all to ensure that whatever I do is a success, however not to the exclusion of all else. I am able to take direction and listen to people’s ideas and suggestions and have the ability to adapt and flex.

I enjoy meeting and working with new people, getting to know them and building new friendships and contacts wherever possible.

I am a family man with a gorgeous wife of 28 years and 3 great kids, a 23 year old son and two daughters – 18 and 15 years old.

I like to make time to go to the Gym roughly 4 times a week to try to keep fit and healthy. I love music, all things Harley Davidson, reading and spent 15 odd years with a couple of amateur dramatic groups. I am currently part of a local choir.

Interested In:
– Commercial Marketing
– Catalogue’s
– TV
– Adverts
– Film