Stuart O’Neill

Stuart O’Neill

About Me:
Married (to Jan) with 2 daughters (22 & 17). Worked in a bank for 30 years – escaped in 2013. Run my own company (Business Advisory) which is a part time role.

I live in Essex (near to Stansted Airport) but I’m originally from Manchester – we moved to London in the mid 90s for work. This is home now. I still have family in the north and am available for work anywhere in the UK or Europe.

Hobbies include: Boxing – I had my first (and last) fight at York Hall last year (age 59). I love everything about boxing and usually train at 06.00 – yes I am committed. Single malt whisky: I have delivered a few tasting talks on this. Sadly, there is no money in it so it remains a hobby. I am a season ticket holder at Manchester United. I share this with my brothers. Basically this means I pay for it and they attend most of the matches…. I also love holidays.

Family is a huge part of my life and my daughters mean the world to me. My eldest is currently reading Spanish & Portuguese at Cambridge University – her last year before starting her Masters and my youngest is at 6th form and is hoping to study Japanese at university. Hopefully once hey achieve global domination they will be able to keep Jan and myself in the lifestyle we deserve!

I like to fully commit to things and now I have some spare time (the business runs itself really) I can put my soul into this adventure. This will mean really getting to understand the workings of the industry so I can ensure I deliver what the client and management need from me. On that subject, given my work situation I will be able to pick assignments at short notice if required.

I’m a quick learner with a relaxed attitude which means I can focus on the job in hand. I can work alone or in teams. My gregarious personality’ can do attitude and commitment have helped me throughout my life. I will look to get some training for this role too.

I’m really looking forward to this adventure.

Interested In:
– Modeling
– Adverts
– Walk on parts