Skylar D. Jennings

Skylar D. Jennings

About Me:
Hello, My name is Skylar Jennings. However, I go by the nickname of Buzz. I am a retired USAF veteran of 15 years. I served as an aerospace propulsion technician. I have a lot of experience with military bearing as I served in the USAF Honor Guard as well. I am a music producer, archer, affiliate marketer, single father and motivated individual. I am very well versed in most physical activities. Growing up in California has allowed me to spend a lot of time doing things outdoors like skateboarding, roller skating, swimming, cycling etc.. I wrestled Roman Greco for nearly 7 years throughout school. I was also on the Highschool American football and water polo team.

As an archer, I spend a lot of time honing my skills shooting recurve bows. I am quite accurate despite not using a sight.

I am in peak physical form at 42 years old. However this was not the case for the duration of Covid lockdown. As I upgraded my life and was even able to cure my own PTSD with mindset discipline. I eliminated almost every single vice I had and replaced them with activities that guaranteed delayed gratification. I am now 15.3 Stone and gaining more muscle mass.

I am a High performance life coach and I am here to serve my purpose to help others also obtain the lifestyle they envision.

Music production is a passion of mine as well. I enjoy making music from my soul using a Digital Audio Workstation.

As an Affiliate marketer, I promote and sell the most beneficial products to enhance one’s life. From weight loss and gaining products, to travel opportunities to money making and saving products, I feel that this is a beneficial endeavour that compliments my coaching business perfectly.

As I lost weight and shifted my mindset to that of discipline and positivity, I feel like I could manifest the life I was meant to live by also modelling and acting. I would love to take part in a Viking series some day as my heritage is Viking.

I know that this passion can contribute to the life I envisioned growing up.

Interested In:
– Archery
– Viking Heritage
– Music Production
– Physical Activities
– Life Coaching
– Spiritual Development