Shazeb Farzal

Shazeb Farzal

About Me:
I’m Shazeb however everyone calls me Shaz or Shazzy, a dynamic and enthusiastic fashion model who is ready to make a bold statement in the industry. Known for my infectious humour, unwavering confidence, and relentless determination, I bring a unique blend of personality and passion to everything I do.

While I may be pursuing a degree in aerospace engineering at university, my love for fashion has always been an integral part of who I am. I find immense joy in creating outfits, experimenting with styles, and bringing together unique pieces to curate eye-catching ensembles. Fashion, for me, is a form of art that allows me to express my individuality and tell compelling stories through clothing.

When I’m not in front of the camera, you can find me capturing moments through my lens. I have an insatiable appetite for photography, as it allows me to freeze time and preserve memories in a visually captivating manner. Whether it’s capturing the raw emotions of a model or the vibrant colours of a scenic landscape, photography fuels my creative spirit.

Confidence is another trait that defines me. While sometimes it may seem a tad excessive, I firmly believe in embracing one’s strengths and owning the runway of life. This unwavering self-assurance allows me to push boundaries, take risks, and deliver my best in every endeavour.

Passion runs deep within me, fuelling my pursuit of excellence in both fashion and my studies. The aerospace engineering field may seem worlds apart from the glitz and glamour of the fashion world, but I am a firm believer in pursuing diverse interests. The synergy between my love for fashion and my dedication to engineering drives me to think creatively, problem-solve with innovation, and approach challenges with a fresh perspective.

Speaking of interests, my love for UK music knows no bounds. The infectious beats and rich storytelling of British artists have captivated my heart. Whether it’s exploring the sounds of grime, the smoothness of R&B, or the energetic rhythms of UK rap, music is a constant source of inspiration that fuels my creative process.

I appreciate the time for you to read briefly about me and possibly join me on my modelling endeavours.

Interested In:
– Fashion Modelling
– Run-Way and Fashion Week
– Catalog and E-commerce Modelling
– Editorial and Print Modelling
– Fashion Commericials