Scarlett Maskill

Scarlett Maskill

About Me:
I’m 9, almost 10, and I live in South Yorkshire, but I’m willing to travel. I live with my parents and have two older siblings: a sister and a brother. We have three dogs, all cockapoos. I’m a massive dog lover.

I’m in year 5 at school, and I love art, math, and physical education. I am this year’s sports leader and a well-being warrior. I help whenever anyone needs support or just a friendly chat.

I’m popular in school, but I like to think that I’m still grounded and enjoy playing games and spending time with everyone. I can engage in adult conversations and interact in a professional manner with both adults and children.

I’m really friendly, helpful, confident, funny, and kind. I would say these are my best qualities. Along with these traits, I love fashion, posing for the camera, TikTok, and dancing. I’m very active and love football. I currently train two days a week.

I enjoy being enthusiastic and facing challenges when they’re presented. I’m only 9, but I feel like I have the maturity of a teenager, which might be due to having older siblings.

I love shopping at JD, River Island, Zara, Next, New Look, Doc Martens, and many more shops. After all, shopping is a girl’s best friend!

Interested In:
– Football
– Sports
– Fashion
– Footwear
– Acting
– Dancing
– Posing
– Tik Tok