Sandra May Evans

Sandra May Evans

About Me:
I’m 65 years strong, married and into fitness and Wellbeing.

I am first generation British from Jamaican parents, and have a mixed race skin tone.

My husband and I have a great interest in fitness,  which led me to appear with Mr Motivator in several fitness videos in locations such as Jamaica, St. Lucia, and Australia, as well as a few appearances on British TV.

I am also a member of his Wellbeing Team, appearing on stage at a number of  UK music festivals, online classes and attending events with corporate and community organisations both in the UK and abroad – all promoting health and wellbeing.

I love reading, painting and also tinker with various hobbies to do with upcycling.

My mantra is ‘Live, Love, Laugh”, and I do – heartily!

Interested In:
– Extras/Background
– Walk on
– Modelling – photographic
– Fitness and Wellbeing
– Modelling
– Product endorsing