Samuel Riseley

Samuel Riseley
About Me:
I am a highly motivated individual, with a proven ability to build long-lasting relationships that drive successful outcomes. After graduating with a first-class honours degree in Performance for Live and Recorded Media I gained multiple skills in Writing, Acting, Filming, Scriptwriting and presenting new ideas to audiences. I would fully describe myself as a “people person” as with every role I have taken in my career always leading me to customer service or exploring entertainment. After taking so much time to grow and explore the media industry I fell in love with being back in front of the scene beginning of this year as the host of season one “The Option One podcast” where I would interview Only Fans an NSFW content creator and did 11 episodes, I also appeared in a sky cinema podcast called Candidates that has recently been released. I would describe myself as a larger funny best mate i can look smart or sloppy but am open to all castings.

Interested In:
– Comedy
– Acting Stage And Screen
– Plus Size Model
– Extra Work