Sally Mohr

Sally Mohr

About Me:
I am an extremely hardworking and ambitious individual. I have gained confidence in abundance developed over years of managing people, properties, and Clients. Part of these roles required me to supply presentations to small and large groups of people, networking and generally “chatting” to as many as possible, so I am comfortable in any type of scenario.

I am naturally out-going and animated with a positive attitude and truly believe you are the master of your own destiny! Fear of the unknown for many stops them from being their greatest version of themselves. Being the master of my destiny, I have a Citing Guilds in Hairdressing, taken myself through vocational college and received a diploma in Computer Science and Web Development, spent many years in USA working in the Business Centre Industry, working in New York and California. I am now venturing into the world of (hopefully) modelling, TV and who knows where, but unless you try, you will never know if you will succeed! I’m also going through a Data Analytics Course.

After coming back to the UK 9 years ago, decided to try something new again and started a position as a Sales Executive for a Seismic Instrument Company. This opened my eyes to the movement of tectonic plates, how Earthquakes originate, the impact that humans have on the earth that contributes to the un-settling of the earth and how we check these movements. After a lot of hard work, I was promoted a few times eventually becoming the Regional Sales Manager for Europe, Middle East and Africa with 14 distributors and 72 countries under my remit, which thankfully allowed me to do a lot of travelling on company dime.

Having been in the corporate environment for all of my work life, being polite, punctual and respectful is paramount, regardless of what their position is. As my mother used to say, “Manners do not cost you anything”.

The, “Travel bug” was a gift from my father, from early years we would travel oversees when most were not able back in the 70’s. And even when my father asked, “Sally, would you like a horse, or a school trip to Israel”, I automatically chose Israel even at 14 years old. I think my father probably gave a big sigh of relief on that one!

My loves are my two Romanian rescue street dogs, Maggie and Simon who have been a labor of love. For months they would not let me near them and even now after 3 years I am still the third wheel in their little duo. I’m just the one who facilitates food, walks and a roof over their heads 🙂

In my spare time, rambling with the pups in the woods, gardening, tennis, painting (even if its not that great) and there is nothing like a good book on any subject whether its fictional or non-fictional, if I am learning something new I am happy!

Interested In:
– Commercials
– TV Series
– Films
– Non speaking parts
– Speaking parts
– Modelling/ Commercial/ Catalogue