Roland Parker

Roland Parker

About Me:
A retired Corporate Manager, who has worked in many different industries, still maintaining an interest in antiques, particularly furniture, which I also have the skills to restore.

I ride motorcycles, mainly of an older vintage and build custom motorcycles for my own use. My preferred marques are Harley Davidson, Triumph and BSA.

I spend time with an artist’s brush (watercolours) when I can, which is also a useful skill when finishing custom motorcycles.

I own land, which is mainly kept for nature, where woods harbour many birds, wildlife, and butterflies etc. Also, some fields are rented out to horse owners.

When required, I am a volunteer DJ in the local hospital radio: where I broadcast two hours of rock, blues, country and much more. This is on an ad hoc basis dependent on my availability. Over my life, I have collected an extensive collection of vinyl, CDs and other music media.

I have experience as an extra in filming.

I have a keen interest in learning the finer skills of guitar playing but this does tend to take a back seat with all my other interests.

During my life, I have always pursued self-development and in my retirement, I have completed a Life Training course within a spiritual community, to which I contribute back as a volunteer when required.

Interested In:
– Modelling