Roger Mallock

Roger Mallock

About Me:
I am a versatile and energetic speaker, presenter and published author based in the south of England.

My real passions in life are world travel (I have visited every continent), sports (especially football a love of mine since living in Brazil in the 1970’s) and music since the 1990’s. I am an amateur singer and have performed in large choir groups, and amateur actor too. I am also a father of 3 and developer of people.

Speaking several European languages, including French and Spanish I can attract a very wide audience from across the world and so would be open to any relevant role involving travel.

I have an interest in politics too, also a massive lover of detective films/series and all things James Bond..

In essence I am a strong and persuasive communicator, a reliable team player and also able to work solo too.

With relevant media experience in radio and live tv I am certainly able to attract and engage with any audience. I can easily be cast in travel, finance, sport, music and detective roles too.

As a Global Ambassador for one of the world’s leading sports education organisations and after many tour manager/leader roles over the years I will show represent any business in the most professional way.

I was born in France, my mother is from Gibraltar, so I understand culture and its differences and can work in cosmopolitan settings.

Interested In:
– Commercial modeling
– High street fashion
– TV and film
– Big screen opportunities
– Sports (especially football, including Premiership, FIFA World Cup, Champions League, and other European leagues)
– Detective roles (e.g., Poirot, Sherlock Holmes, Columbo)
– Period dramas (e.g., Peaky Blinders, Downton Abbey)
– Musicals
– Travel over the centuries, particularly rail travel and cruises
– Travel companies (potential ambassadorship)
– Work opportunities in the USA or within USA-based casts, leveraging a traditional British accent