Rizwan Kler

Rizwan Kler

About Me:
I’ve been interested in the modelling industry since my early years at University when I used to attend modelling events in London, Birmingham & Manchester.

I am interested in modelling for black tie formal attire, suits & casual wear especially jackets like Harrington & leather including hats.

I have recently had my first ever professional modelling shoot and I would like to share my portfolio with the industry.

I have followed the modelling industry since I was very young and I adopt a classic approach to my own dress code with a modern touch as well as being willing to try something new. I like to dress to impress.

I was always the one who wore a full school uniform during the day and then into a classic Harrington, Levis Trucker or a classic leather jacket afterwards. I was also the first one to start shaving & using cologne.

Nowadays I also love wearing Pea Coats, Crombie’s & suits ensemble’s.

Classic & Bad Boy!

James Bond meets James Dean!

I would describe myself as being unique, charismatic, intelligent, well educated, reliable, dedicated, honest, out going, good personality, hard working, and a very good friend and my friends would agree.

I follow all the men’s grooming habits as a standard and I like to work out to keep in shape and healthy.

I am also an aspiring techno house music producer as well as learning classical music theory with many tracks ready for release.

I recently received a letter of appreciation and thanks from HRH King Charles III for a piece of classical music which I completed for King Charles III & Queen Camilla’s Coronation called “The King & Queen of England’s Coronation” in Cello which is the King’s favorite instrument.

This piece of music was inspired by the work’s of Mozart and I have another similar piece inspired by the work’s of Beethoven in strings.

As well as a Techno House version!

Just like my clothes style my music adopts a classical meets modern style.

I have great appreciation of the arts and I attend arts events from Concerts, Art Galleries, & Theater as well as an occasional Opera.

I have attended many runway/catwalk shows as I find that the best way of appreciating fashion and style is by seeing it displayed.

I know that I have the ability to show how style and fashion can be modeled in a classical as well as a modern way for all men of all ages and all sizes!

I am at the start of my modelling career and I know that I have a lot more to bring to the industry and with your approval & support I would love to share my knowledge and abilities with people from a range of generations.

I always believe that if you’re going to do something then make sure that you do it right!

My favorite fashion houses are Versace, Gucci, Prada, Armani, Boss, Christian Dior & many more.
My favorite fragrance houses are Creed, Tom Ford, Armani, Dior, Chanel, Jean Paul Gaultier, Givenchy & many more.

When it comes to denim I love Levis!

You will see from my portfolio I have classical pieces like a Versace Classic V2 suit from the 90s as well as a pair of well maintained Gucci Loafers also from the 90s which are timeless. I care about the way that I look and I like to project that through the clothes that I wear.

I solved the great debate between Gucci Loafers & Prada Loafers by getting both.

I also like labels that are more high street fashion like Marks & Spencer’s.

My motto is that I learnt with the best, now share with the rest!

I also support up and coming new artists like myself who may even be unknown.

I have been in a short film called “I’m Not Hero” by James Twyman Media.

Interested In:
– High Fashion
– High Street Fashion
– Classic Suits: Tuxedo, 3 Piece Suits
– Classic Casual Wear: Leather Jackets, Harrington Jackets, Bomber Jackets & Denim
– Sunglasses & Hats
– Men’s Cosmetics Products & Hair Products
– Runway/Catwalk
– Footwear: Oxfords, Monk Straps, Loafers, Boots
– Acting
– Magazines
– Commercials/Advertisements
– Lifestyle
– Extra