Pratik Naik

Pratik Naik

About Me:
Pratik Naik, 29 years old from Goa, India. By profession I’m an IT engineer, however, I was always fascinated by fashion trends and modelling.. Although modelling has always been one of my dreams, due to my busy work schedule I could not invest a lot of my time in the modelling career. I have always been very particular in how I represent myself.

Now that I have an opportunity to show my modelling skills, I would like to learn more about the field, connect with designers and develop my understanding further. I have also been very fascinated by fashion trends and how individuals use clothes to represent their personality. Moreover, I believe that I have great communication skills which can help me to relate well with the photographers, co-colleagues, designers, and casting directors to achieve their visions.

Going forward with my experience in modelling, I have participated in various fashion events at my university which included fashion shows and other activities related to modelling which elevated my interest in the career of fashion. I also believe that I am a quick learner as well as can take feedback positively and improve myself.

My favourite area of modelling would be the sustainable fashion industry which includes brand photoshoots, advertisements etc. However, I am aware that there are only a handful of opportunities in this field and I am happy to work in any area of modelling because I feel that every opportunity will be a valuable experience to improve my skills.

Interested In:
– Brand shoots
– Fashion shows
– Sportswear advertisements and casual shoots
– Modelling