Phil Michaels

Phil Michaels

About Me:
After 25 years in arts management, I am looking for a career change and having been managing and booking talent for concerts, projects and events, I thought it was time for me to be the talent myself and to be paid for having my picture taken or acting would be fantastic!

I am experienced in presenting to groups of people, large and small and am comfortable being on stage and the focus of attention. I am equally happy working in the background.

I have had portrait pictures taken for work on numerous occasions and have completed a professional photo shoot with Thomas Street Studios.

I am an outdoorsy and active person never far from water and a wetsuit/drysuit but also scrub up quite well in a suit or DJ – I always tie my own bowtie!

My passion has been creating opportunities for people to enjoy themselves whether teaching them to white water raft or jump off cliffs (into the water!) or ensuring there is a good concert to attend with world-class artists.

I am a cheerful and positive person who will make the best of any situation and be supportive and helpful to those around me. I am keen to embark on the next stage of my career.

Interested In:
– Modelling
– Extra work
– Presenting
– Travel
– Outdoor pursuits