Oliver George Ellis

Oliver George Ellis
About Me:
Oliver is a fun-loving 5-year-old.
He is very energetic.
Oliver loves playing to a crowd.
He is extremely cheeky.
Oliver oozes confidence not shy about meeting new people.
Oliver is eager to please.
He listens to instructions but does need persuading and showing what is required of him.
Oliver gives his all and always tries his best.
Oliver enjoys the company of both adults and children.
He is willing to give anything a try.
Oliver responds well to getting a treat at the end.
He enjoys being in front of a camera and is fascinated with the lights.
He does become over-excited with the attention but can always be brought back to focus.
Oliver has the ability to always make people smile.
Oliver does have a speech delay but understands what is said to him. He makes every effort to communicate and is getting easier to understand.
Oliver enjoys playing football.
He enjoys playing with his Lego ( always making different things)
Oliver enjoys drawing and colouring.
Oliver is a character that leaves a lasting impression on whoever he meets.
Interested In:
– Modelling
– Acting