Nathan Akinnuoye

Nathan Akinnuoye
About Me:
My name is Nathan Akinnuoye, and I’m an aspiring artist and model who just turned 18 years old. In addition to participating in basketball and American football, one of my other interests is studying mechanical engineering. My mother, who had professional images taken of her by competent photographers, acted as a motivation for me to go into the modelling industry. My introduction to the industry came about as a result of the photographers’ confidence in my abilities and the recommendations they made to others about me. My interest in composing lyrics for my own songs has grown over the last few years, and I think that I am capable of singing and dancing due to my participation in the performing arts group at the high school where I attended. When it comes to basketball, I have a great deal more success than when it comes to American football just yet since I’ve been fortunate enough to compete in a number of different tournaments and contests outside of the country, where I’ve been able to have professional photographs made of me while I’m enjoying the game that I like. Also when it comes to shooting pictures, I don’t believe that people are the only thing that contribute to the beauty of our world; rather, I believe that the natural world that surrounds us does as well. I like to consider of myself a miniature photographer because when I come across a situation that is worth photographing, I do not hesitate to get out my camera.
Interested In:
– Sportswear
– Perfume
– Street Ware
– Commercials
– Jewellery Modelling
– Shoes
– Formal Wear