Naisha Shiko

Naisha Shiko

About Me:
Hello I’m Naisha, I am a beautiful blend of English and Kenyan, with lovely features of both heritages.

I am a joyful spirit and known for my caring nature, I currently work full time at a hospital, which is a very rewarding job and I have gained so much more confidence with speaking to lots of different people.

As a hardworking person I always put my everything into achieving my goals and always strive to be the best version of myself. I enjoy keeping fit and I’m a strong believer of a healthy body leads to a healthy mind.

A desire of mine for many years is to become a model, I have learnt to embrace everything about myself whether that’s the positive or the negative features. A passion for fashion isn’t just the only reason for wanting to be in the modelling world, I want to promote self-confidence and individuality along the way. I am tall, long legged with a hourglass physique, runway modelling would be my dream however I am open to many types of modelling to gain knowledge and exposure.

A fun fact about myself is that my name means “special flower” this definitely describes me as a whole.

Interested In:
– Runway modeling
– Fashion modeling
– Editorial modeling
– Lingerie/swimwear modeling
– Glamour modeling