Myles Patrick

Myles Patrick

About Me:
So, Welcome to Myles Patrick. As you can see I am currently 14 years old. I am in my last but one year at Secondary school but have decided to take a leap of faith and try my hand at modelling. I enjoy team sports as I play for a football team. I have also played rugby from a young age before switching the shape of the ball! I played for 10 seasons! Although I enjoy team sports I can just as easily work individually and enjoy the peace and quiet of the golf course, having become a recent member of a local golf club.

I hold two black belts ( one junior and one senior) in the discipline of Muay Thai boxing so feel that I can look after myself.

I am a member of the Scouting Community and have the privilege of being a young leader at a local scout group which comes with its own set of responsibilities.

In my spare time, I enjoy socialising with friends, eating good food, watching movies and spending time with those I hold dear. I have had the fortunate experience of visiting several countries with my family and school and look forward to more travelling adventures in the future.

Interested In:
– Modelling