Mitchell Lewis Sharman

Mitchell Lewis Sharman

About Me:
I am confident, outgoing and extremely social. I love social media and have Instagram (1305 followers) Facebook, Tik Tok and Snapchat and update these regularly by posting and going live.

My family are supportive and extremely important to me and I am very family orientated.

I love everything to do with fashion and always trying new styles and ideas (I like to set my own trends).

I am currently studying a BTEC level 3 in Sport on a football scholarship and love the competitive and challenging nature of this.

I love to travel and I am always looking for my next adventure, whether that is in the UK or abroad.

I always look to challenge myself and grow whether that is academically (I have just completed my GCSEs) or physically as I regularly attend my local gym.

I am extremely hard working and thrive on a challenge. At weekends when I am not attending my scholarship I am a junior roofer and love that aspect of my life also.

I have a thirst for life with a hard working ethic and believe life is for living and every opportunity should be taken.

I see myself as a talented football player with big dreams and a passion for the game. From a young age I showed incredible skill on the field, dribbling past opponents and scoring amazing goals. My love for football grew stronger and stronger with every training session and match I played.
As I got older I joined a local football club. My dedication and hard work paid off as I progressed and improved my skills.
Alongside my football career I also had a secret passion for modelling. I loved the idea of expressing myself through fashion.
I had determination and drive and went for a test shoot with amazing feedback and I was offered representation. I was overwhelmed and couldn’t believe I was being given this amazing opportunity.
I want my dual careers as a footballer and a model to become an inspiration to others. I want to show people that it’s possible to pursue multiple passions and excel in both. I will work hard to balance my training sessions and matches with my modelling commitments.
My ultimate aspiration is to become a role model for aspiring athletes and models. I want to inspire others to chase their dreams fearlessly no matter how unconventional they may seem. With my unique combination of skills I am determined to make a mark in both the football and modelling worlds.

Interested In:
– Football
– Basketball
– Tennis
– Swimming
– Outdoors
– Photography
– Travel
– Socialising
– Fashion