Minnie B. Murray

Minnie B. Murray

About Me:
Hi, I’m kind, polite, thoughtful, and conversational. I train in commercial dance and Mixed Martial Arts. I love writing and drawing, and I love to travel.

I’m passionate about learning and debating and like to understand how things work, such as money and finances (I’m reading a book on it at the moment!).

I’m goofy, funny, and energetic and love making people laugh, but I know when to be calm and listen too.

I like wearing skirts and dresses, as well as sports gear, shorts, and jeans. My mum says I suit it all, but she would say that, haha!

My inspirations are my mum, who has brought me and my siblings up on her own; my big brother, who is a music producer in London; and my big sister, who writes and sings her own songs, plays guitar, and draws with me.

I have two favorite quotes: “The jealous people are never doing better than you,” and “Be so good they can’t ignore you!” (Steve Martin).

I only have a small portfolio at the moment, but I’m looking forward to hopefully watching it grow! Fingers crossed 🤞.

Interested In:
– Modelling
– Cat Walk
– Adverts
– TV Extra Work
– Acting