Millz Thakkar

Millz Thakkar

About Me:
I am an enthusiastic and versatile young man. In my business, I deal with exotic animals so not many things can shock me and I do not fear most things. I am adventurous and like pushing myself to achieve higher standards all the time. I love a challenge and am very competitive and continually challenge myself to bring out the best in me and push myself to new limits.

I am into keeping myself fit and have previously trained in a few martial arts,

My business, Reptilepit, deals with importing, exporting exotic animals all around the world. I also personally breed snakes and lizards to enhance their colours and patterns which takes a decent level of knowledge into genetics. I am fascinated by genetics and I have a dynamic approach to all things genetic!

I have a passion for all animals and have been around and handled everything from snakes to alligators to elephants to feeding baby black panthers and tigers.

I have produced my own brand of clothing and designed everything from the logo to the style of the garment to the colour schemes and putting a great range together.

I have travelled a lot in my life so have been exposed to many different cultures and environments.

I have a quirky personality, I am guaranteed to make you laugh!

I have often taken on the role of a mentor as young people often gravitate towards me because my versatile approach to business and personal growth….

I am determined, hard-working. I am adaptable to many different environments and surroundings.

I think my moustache is very unique and wherever I go people comment on it. I also feel that I am very versatile and can pull off many different types of looks, from casual to punk/rock to smart/business and am confident in any surroundings.

Interested In:
– Animals
– Genetics
– Fashion
– Martial Arts
– Sport
– Travelling
– History