Michael Burton

Michael Burton

About Me:
Hi my name is Michael and I would best describe myself as super authentic and a good catch. I have chosen this new path as I have found it to be in alignment with me at this moment in time. I am totally out of my comfort zone but feel I work better under pressure as it brings out the best of me.

I definitely feel like I am an inspiration to people as I have grown a lot in the last 3 years and helped so many people along the way. I love spending time with my children and my family, and I am very family orientated. I also like to talk to new people and new characters and would love to study how each and everyone’s brain works differently with thoughts and emotions. I find it really fascinating.

I am very sporty and like to go to the gym most days. I would say I am an all-round sportsman and like to do most things. i like to be out in nature and have a passion for helping others.

I don’t fully understand where this new industry will take me but I am super excited and ready to learn as much as possible.

Interested In:
– Modelling