Marion Isted

Marion Isted

About Me:
If you are looking for a goal-driven, enthusiastic model, then I am most definitely the model for you!

My name is Marion, and I am excited to be applying for the Model position with your agency.

I am an extremely hardworking and ambitious individual with the confidence needed to be a great model. I have unique features and qualities that allow me to stand out, whilst also being highly adaptable and able to fit into a range of themes, styles, and looks. I possess the ability to be captured well by cameras and am often praised for being photogenic.

I’m a cheerful person, with an outgoing personality, and I carry a positive attitude with the goal to inspire and develop, and believe that with my image, work ethic, and natural modelling ability I’d be a great asset at your agency.

I am always looking for new challenges and opportunities to learn and grow. I am confident that I have the drive and determination to succeed in this field.

Some of the feedback from my shoot:

“.. the model showed impressive adaptability. This indicates that the model has great potential to succeed in various types of modelling”.

“it’s incredibly impressive how many useable shots are from the location shoot. In fact, there are even a few that could be used in the industry immediately!”

“The studio staff described the model as a “delight to work with”, “undemanding” and “flexible”. This type of positive feedback from the creative team is the epitome of what I want to hear about a model – new or experienced. Overall, the team was extremely impressed”.

“Commercial modelling is the strongest category based on the model’s test shoot. The model’s refined and attractive look combined with the model’s likability and familiarity makes them extremely easy to market”.

“In summary the model has a lovely personality and striking features, and their performance was extremely impressive. They have shown all the features you would expect from someone with the drive and ability to succeed within the industry”

Please take some time to have a look at my portfolio and consider me for the position. I am keen to learn more about the position and look forward to hearing from you.

Interested In:
– High Street Fashion
– Catalogue
– TV & Film
– Commercial