Mariana Crook

Mariana Crook

About Me:
First and foremost, I maintain a high level of professionalism in my work. I consider myself to be a highly creative individual, consistently excelling in each role I’ve undertaken. I’ve achieved top sales positions at Rolex, Tag Heuer, and Cartier. Additionally, I’ve held the title of the top salesperson in property and sales, as well as for pool tables and custom furniture.

At present, I operate my own baking business full-time from my home. My passion lies in both people and aesthetics. The convergence of food, people, and beautiful places resonates deeply with me.

I derive enjoyment from interior design and fashion. During one of my prior positions, I was deeply involved in planning the layout and design of a furniture stall, including selecting furniture pieces and fabrics.

I have a hands-on approach and am dedicated to completing tasks efficiently. I view myself as a team leader, as I believe that without leadership, chaos can ensue.

I hold myself to high standards, especially in the competitive realm of sales. I consistently meet my targets and I’m always willing to offer tips and assistance to others along the way.

Interested In:
– Cooking
– Baking
– Pottery
– Furniture paint
– Interior design
– Photography
– Gardening
– Kayaking
– Camping
– Dress making