Mangaliso Kevin Ngwenya Kalala

Mangaliso Kevin Ngwenya Kalala
About Me:
I’m a fairly relaxed individual, I like to stay active in sports like basketball and MMA plus go on the occasional run. I love to hangout with my friends and crack jokes at each other while having a bad movie on in the background. I love to watch series, anime and movies in my down time. My favourite series is Power (including all spin offs), my favourite anime is Parasyte and my favourite movie is The Godfather trilogy. I can’t go anywhere without listening to music, some of my current favourite artists are Brent Faiyaz, Daniel Caesar, Sondae and Future. I am also a full time student at the University of Leicester studying Criminology with Forensic Psychology, my favourite part about the course is learning about the law and psychology side of crime. I also really do like to read books about self help and works from philosophers. I’ve read books like 48 Laws of Power, How to listen with Intention, The Art Of Worldly Wisdom and The Journey Within by Simon Foister, who funny enough I met personally in my old job doing door to door sales.
Interested In:
– Extra work
– Modelling
– Acting
– Commercial work
– (Preferably no topless work)