Maha Tijani

Maha Tijani
About Me:
I am a research scientist. I have a PhD in gene therapy and worked on cancer and vaccine development. My main passion in life is to help people and ease patients’ pain.
I have come from a misogynistic culture that covers up women and tells them what to do, what to wear, and how to behave. I grew up feeling ashamed to show any parts of my body let alone being sexy and feminine. On top of that, I went through extremely traumatic experiences in the past few years that shook up my confidence and self-belief even further. Recently, however, I decided to start a journey of finding myself and to claim my confidence back. I started stepping outside of my comfort zone every day, mainly to embrace my femininity which has always been suppressed. I want to start appreciating myself as a woman and celebrate my freedom, something that I fought so hard to gain.
I am positive and persistent, and always take good care of my appearance. I love dressing up and looking presentable at all times. I get on well with people, am good at following directions, and have a high work ethic. I believe this field of work not only can bring excitement into my life and help flourish my creativity but also would help me be more free and confident, and celebrate my feminine energy.
Interested In:
– Body-Part Modelling
– Catalog Modeling
– Commercial Modelling
– Editorial Modelling
– Fashion modelling
– Fit modelling
– Fitness modelling
– Print and glamour modelling
– Stock photography modelling
– Promotional modelling
– Petit modelling
– Mature modelling