Kulveer Sangha

Kulveer Sangha

About Me:
I regard myself as a people person with a bubbly personality. I take great pride in my ability to adapt quickly to changing situations and remain calm under pressure. I am independently motivated, yet also enjoy working as part of a team professionally.

Throughout past experiences, I have worked at various Airports around the country providing customer services, training and managing. My further work experiences include Administration and now most recently managing Bookkeeping and Payroll as self-employed.

While working at the Airports (Birmingham, Heathrow & Manchester), I have been introduced to the world! Meeting all types of people was not only exciting but a privilege.

Now I am a wife, and mother of two. This is something that has been at the back of my mind for many years and never had the courage to be in front of the camera, now that I have done the first step I feel very excited to do more!

Interested In:
– Fashion
– Beauty Products
– Magazines
– Promotional
– Fitness
– Commercial