Krisztina Szabo

Krisztina Szabo

About Me:
My name is Krisztina Szabo. I’m 23 years old, originally from Hungary. I moved to England in 2016 with my family for a better life. I’m an SFX media makeup artist and hair stylist, I love crazy makeups and crazy transformation it makes me happy and proud. You may ask why did I choose modelling? In my eyes models were people who are perfect, has no issues, has perfect body and skin. Well, I never looked at myself the way I should. I knew that’s not right and I should love myself the way I am but it was just hard for me. Especially because I had difficulties with the language at the beginning and people were just ignoring me many times.

I recently had some change in my life. It taught me that no matter what, I’m the only one that can make changes, no one else. I started to love and accept myself. I have plans and goals for the future and I will reach them. I believe becoming a model is the next step in my life due to the fact that people have been recommending it to me too. Not to mention I very much enjoy everything that comes with modelling from getting appointments to photoshoots all the way to people complimenting my work. It brings me joy and this is the one time I feel like I’m truly being myself. My next and closest goal is to go back to the gym 3x a week.

I’m looking forward to working with other people, meeting them and make new potential friends

I am working in hospitality at the moment so long hours and busy times not a problem for me as much as working in a team.

My motivation is my family, they always there for me and keep me going.

Interested In:
– Fashion
– Fitness
– Headshot modeling
– Makeup
– Video modeling
– Magazine modeling
– Brand promotions