Katya Veleva

Katya Veleva

About Me:
I am new to this, but I come from a successful career in architecture and the corporate world, where I used to do lots of public speaking and facilitation.

After years of working in a very different environment, I am finally ready to admit, that the stage and the camera lens excite and charge me. I have dabbled in stand-up comedy and I am keen on finding some space for myself in the media as a whole.

Throughout my work, I have constantly received touching feedback from women and non-binary people, sharing that seeing someone like me on a stage or in a position of any power has made them feel seen and included. I carry this with responsibility and pride!

I speak multiple languages, and paint watercolour illustrations; I have over 20 years of yoga practice and my favourite pose is a #HolidayHeadstand.

Interested In:
– Acting – Comedy (stage, film and TV)
– Acting – Drama (stage, film and TV)
– TV Presenting
– Projects with queer representation
– Ethical fashion modelling