Julie Mccomb

Julie Mccomb

About Me:
I am fairly new to this industry but over the years I have experience some modelling at a young age of 15 years old and at 40 years old.

Due to being quite shy at a young age and to busy at 40 years old I wasn’t ready to commit .

Now I have reached the age of 65 years old I have built up my confidence and I want to give this Industry 110% of my time where it is possible, to learn and experience this trade.

I have been told many times over the years that I resemblances of Claudia Schiffer (may be an old version now) and Joanna Lumley ( a younger version ) which been quite nice and flattering.

I am tall so I don’t need to walk into a room and be loud to be seen, I will glide into a room with elegancy and pride

but at the moment Haven’t had experience in acting but there is always ways to learn.

I have been in the hair industry all my life from working on the salon floor to becoming a Manager at a well known salon.

Being in the Management my qualities are Honesty ,observer, listener, consoling, advisor and a peacemaker, so really I am a peoples person.

Interested In:
– High street fashion
– Catalogue
– TV & films
– Extras