Julie Ann Bentley

Julie Ann Bentley

About Me:
Hi, I’m Julie Ann I lost my husband just over 18 months ago and felt like my whole world had collapsed, but after 8 months of grieving, meditation and self help groups and books I finally put on my big girl pants and decided to put myself out into the world again.

In October I entered a competition for an empowering Boudoir shoot, and was successful, I had around 300 photos taken and thoroughly enjoyed the experience of being in front of the camera, it gave me back my confidence. I also took up Golf, swimming and walking. I travelled to Cuba, India and Europe as a confident Solo traveller.

I love travelling, exploring and meeting new people, different cultures, and new experiences. I am full of empathy for others, I have a warm bubbly personality and am not afraid to approach people or new challenges. Friends say I inspire them and that I have an aura about me when I enter a room, they say that I am elegant and confident and strong willed.

I love animals, fashion, films, music, art and reading, nothing I love more that walking on the beach and taking photos of sunrises and sunsets and anything else that captures my eye.

Interested In:
– Walk on parts
– Extra
– Modelling
– Presenting
– Influencing
– Stills
– Small acting roles
– Commercials