Jevon Neil Preville

Jevon Neil Preville

About Me:
My name is Jevon. I am 21 years old from east london.

The reason why i got into modelling is beacuse this industry is one i really enjoy and want to become my best version in. I find the journey fun as well as seeing the end result.

What can you expect from me

I am very patient and always willing to learn. I beleive in order for me to become better in this industry i have to be okay with being uncomfortable im aware thats the best way to grow.

I am fine to take directions i beleive working together is what makes the idea come alive.

I am a confident communicator, therefore if there is anything i dont like i will speak up and if there is something i do like i will also communicate that.

My other talents.

I am a confident skater. I have been skating for 3 years. Skate culture is what inspires my natural style with baggy jeans and vintage style of dressing.

I am a musician that produces and raps.

I also make my own clothes for an exmple the “Individually sick” shirt in my portfollio pictures and the “Big Johnny” jacket.

Interested In:
– Commercial modelling