Jay Rajesh Limbachiya

Jay Rajesh Limbachiya

About Me:
My name is Jay Limbachiya, born in Leicester, Leicestershire on the 27/03/1995.

Having grown up watching films and tv series, I’ve been comfortable in front of the camera since a young age with YouTube videos and generally making people laugh with my humour.

Since finishing school, I have always had an interest in going back to what I was passionate about. In my younger teenage years, I was always pressured by family to go down a more conventional route of becoming a doctor, an accountant, or an IT Consultant.
Funnily enough, I did become an IT Consultant.

Over the years, I’ve always thought about making funny sketches, working with a camera, and editing my own videos. I did over the years successfully do this and being self-taught on how to use a camera, how to edit and act in front of a camera with the humorous bloopers.

My recent highlights include BBC doctors that featured a speaking role as a pharmacist and a prison in-mate on Man Like Mobeen Season 4.

This experience has allowed me to become a strong character, therefore, I am a committed actor and would love the opportunity to tackle any challenging and complex roles.

Interested In:
– Football
– Gaming
– Boxing
– Gym
– Running
– Cycling
– Swimming