James Ieuan Martin

James Ieuan Martin

About Me:
With a heart that races in rhythm with the thundering hooves and a profound connection with the equine world, I stand as a professional jockey and a qualified farrier, embodying a harmonious blend of athleticism and horsemanship.

As a seasoned jockey, I’ve galloped through the highs and lows of the racetrack, forging an unbreakable bond with my equine companions. The track is my second home, where I’ve honed my skills, mastering the delicate art of guiding these magnificent creatures to victory. My passion for speed, strategy, and the unspoken communication with horses drives me to push boundaries, consistently seeking the thrill of the finish line.

Complementing my prowess in the saddle, I’ve delved into the world of farriery, acquiring comprehensive knowledge of equine hoof care. My qualifications as a farrier stem from a deep-rooted commitment to the well-being of these fascinating animals. With skilled hands and a keen eye, I’ve mastered the art of trimming, shoeing, and maintaining hooves, ensuring not only their performance but also their comfort and health.

I yearn to model and act as a canvas for diverse stories, emotions, and characters, seeking to inspire, connect, and evoke change through the powerful medium of visual storytelling.

Interested In:
– Modelling