James Daniel Needham

James Daniel Needham

About Me:
As a law student at the University of Lancaster, I am dedicated to honing my legal skills and knowledge while embracing a diverse range of passions and interests that enrich my life.

One of my foremost passions is with physical fitness. I am highly ardent about weightlifting, drawn to the discipline and determination it commands. Specifically, I am driven by the pursuits of bodybuilding and strength training, constantly striving to push my physical limits and achieve new milestones.

I actively engage in various athletic endeavours. With the Lancaster Athletics Society, I challenge myself with 5K races, pushing my endurance and resilience to the limit. Moreover, I am a proud member of the Adult Matlock Waterpolo Team, where I thrive in the niche but competitive and dynamic environment of the sport.

On the rugby field, I showcase my tenacity and teamwork as a flanker and inside centre for Matlock Baileans RUFC. Rugby instils in me a sense of camaraderie and sportsmanship, fostering bonds with teammates that extend beyond the pitch.

In addition to my dedication to physical fitness, I find inspiration in music. Whilst at a very amateur level, the piano serves as a canvas for my creative expression, allowing me to channel my emotions and thoughts through a unique medium. This self-expression can similarly be found in my love for art, writing, and fashion: I find a unique fulfilment in bringing my creative visions to life, whether that be a drawing, an essay, or procuring an outfit.

Interested In:
– Commercial modelling
– Editorial modeling
– Catalogue modelling
– TV and film acting