Jacqueline Mary Schindler

Jacqueline Mary Schindler

About Me:
Hello, I’m Jacqueline, a semi-retired Senior NHS Nurse Prescriber with an extensive 37-year career in the NHS. Currently, I’m covering two GP clinics per week, leaving me available for modelling work on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays. My schedule is flexible, given that my daughter is away at university, and I share my home with three very self-sufficient cats.

With a wealth of transferable skills, a professional aptitude, and a commitment to my work, I am known for my courteous and polite demeanor. I describe myself as a quirky individual with a unique approach.

Originally from a small Lancashire mill town, I later moved to Manchester and then Stockport in my twenties to work at large city hospitals and enjoy the vibrant nightlife, particularly as an avid member of the hacienda scene. Whether at work or leisure, you would often find me at Dry Bar or the Hacienda!

My interests include fashion, music, water sports, and travel. On a lighter note, I excel at shooting hoops and love spending time in my bikini! I bring previous experience to the table, having participated in photo shoots and charity catwalk fashion shows. Additionally, I have five years of experience working in the fashion industry as a ladies’ wear buyer/director for an independent store.

Interested In:
– Fashion Modeling
– Sports, Fitness, Well-being, and Nutrition Modeling
– Bikini, Swimwear, Beachwear Modeling
– TV Commercials
– Catalogue Modeling
– Billboards
– Catwalk Fashion Shows
– Paddle Boarding
– Swimming
– Basketball
– Reading
– Raving
– Watching Football